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Matting vs Insoles

Cushioned Insoles are NO MATCH for Ergonomic & Anti-Fatigue Floor Matting


  • Ergomat supplies proven ergonomic & anti-fatigue matting.
  • Ergomat matting acts like a shock absorber - taking the shock off your joints and lower extremeties, and stimulating circulation to reduce fatigue
  • 1 mat for 3 shifts purchased every 8 years
  • Mats are proven to provide ergonomic benefits to employees.
  • Wear on matting is highly visible and easy to repair
  • Matting provides superior visual safety



  • Insoles are simply cushion with no proven ergonomic properties
  • Memory foam insoles do not rebound when compressed, providing no shock absorption, leaving your joints and body to do all the work
  • Multiple sizes necessary in stock per employee with 4 purchase cycles per year!
  • With insoles, empoyers have no visual way to prove they are in use.
  • Insoles make it nearly impossible for employers to guage their condition & wear.
  • Insoles create greater employee safety liabilities for the employer

Download the Matting vs Insole Spec Sheet for more information!
Clearance (North & South America Only)