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Ergonomic Studies

An expanding body of research exists which addresses standing work positions and the potential damage. The general conclusion of this research is that floor mats, such as the various types of Ergomats, are an important element in injury prevention efforts.

Following are three studies which utilized the Ergomat Standard mat but which were otherwise conducted fully independently of our company:

  1. Pascal Madeleine, Michael Voigt, Lars Arendt-Nielsen:
    "Subjective, Physiological and Biochemical Responses to Prolonged Manual Work Performed Standing on Hard and Soft Surfaces".
    European Journal of Applied Physiology (1998) 77: 1-9

  2. L. Arendt-Nielsen, L. Jensen, N. Gantchev:
    "The Influence of Floor Surface Hardness On Muscle Activation, Coordination and Fatigue During Long-Term Static Standing".
    University of Alborg Laboratory for Motor Control, Aalborg, Denmark

  3. Kurt Jørgensen, Jørgen Winkel:
    "A Summary of Ergonomic Studies of Anti-Fatigue Mats - (Internal Report)".
    The August Krogh Institute, Department of Physiology, Copenhagen University, Copenhagen, Denmark


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