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Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles Men's size 8-9 Women's size 10-11

Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles Men's size 8-9 Women's size 10-11
Product Code: insole:M8-9
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Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles are the only insoles in the World clinically proven to increase circulation to the feet and lower leg. This can be of great benefit to diabetes sufferers at risk of foot ulcers, as well as people exposed to long periods of standing or walking.

Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles are clinically proven to reduce peak pressure on the soles of the feet (the main cause of foot ulcers) by 21%.

Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles are extremely durable and their thin design means they can fit easily into almost any shoe.


How Do They Work?

Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles are a simple yet highly effective solution. The insoles contain a precisely measured non-toxic liquid that flows through a patented system with anatomically-designed channels controlling the direction of the liquid. This ensures directional stability while walking or standing up and matches the flow of the liquid to the structure of the foot.

Walking on Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles guarantees a more dispersed pressure distribution of body weight on the feet, while the flowing liquid simultaneously provides a permanent massage of the foot muscles. Your way of walking or standing will become much more flexible and soft, improving venous pump action. Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles thereby provide not only outstanding comfort, but also an effective relief of sore, swollen and "tired" feet.


  • Disperse and re-distribute pressure
  • Fabric top cover for added comfort
  • Cut to size with a pair of scissors
  • Extremely durable
  • Slim fitting - fits almost all shoe types.

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