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Ergomat Super-Safe Mats

Ergomat Super-SafeMats

Ergomat Super-Safe Mats

    Providing unparalleled non-slip safety in extremely wet conditions and critical environments.
  • Positive grip suction cups on the underside of the mat eliminate the fear of hydroplaning
  • Anti-microbial additive reduces bacterial contamination concerns
  • Beveled on all sides to reduce trip hazards
  • Latex free
  • Highly resistant to a variety of pH and chemical exposures
  • Super Safe Ergo

    The cone shaped ergonomic profile of this mat reduces fatigue by stimulating muscle activity and circulation. This is an ideal mat for anywhere that standing or pooling water could cause another mat to slip underfoot. Its anti-microbial additive make it particularly appropriate in critical environments like health care, restaurant s and other food service businesses, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food and beverage processing facilities.

    Download Super-Safe Ergo Spec Sheet
    USDA Dairy Certification
    USDA Meat & Poultry Certification

    Super Safe Smooth

    This anti-microbial mat is the ideal solution for providing secure footing, particularly in bath and shower rooms in elder care facilities, hospitals, schools, dormitories, and athletic clubs.

    Download Super-Safe Smooth Mat Spec Sheet

    Warranty: 3 years

Clearance (North & South America Only)