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Our Philosophy

As our company evolves, so do our goals. More so now than ever, Ergomat wants to dedicate our time into researching new ways to help reduce or eliminate problems related to poor circulation, musculoskeletal troubles (MST) and prolonged standing health issues using only environmental responsible solutions. Our teams will continue to ameliorate our existing products until we achieve this goal.

As we continue to improve our product lines, through innovation, Ergomat's goal is to only market products which have 100% recyclability or a durability which can justify being the best environmental solution available in the market place. We will strive to promote environmentally safe solutions for plant marking and striping which through innovation has zero wastes, zero fumes and 100% recyclability.

To ameliorate worker's lives at work, to eliminate health issues associated with standing for long periods of time as well as to market environmentally friendly solutions is Ergomat's goal, responsibility and philosophy.

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