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Ergomat Featured Product

DuraStripe Mean Lean

Mean Lean DuraStripe is our most economical and lowest profile marking product. It has a durable, smooth surface layer that cleans easily and resists damage from pivoting tow-motor wheels. Because of its low profile, Mean Lean does not have a beveled edge. It is available in 2”, 3” and 4” standard widths and 7 Standard colors. It provides a perfect marking solution for:

  • Newer or reconditioned/sealed industrial and commercial floors
  • 5S, Visual Workplace and Lean Manufacturing marking programs
  • Working environments with light to moderate forklift and pallet jack traffic

Like all DuraStripe products, Mean Lean requires no downtime, no cure time and no messy clean-up to limit productivity, and is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Download DuraStripe Mean Lean Spec Sheet

Ergomat Infinity Bubble

Ergomat Infinite Bubble

Ergomat Infinite Bubble is the only true ergonomic mat available with up to a lifetime warranty (in dry applications). The Infinite Bubble mat has the comfort of a Polyurethane mat and has the added benefit of easy clean-ability due to it’s closed-cell/non-porous top surface. Ergomat Infinite Bubble also has extremely good chemical and UV resistance (except for organic solvents).

Colors: Black, Silver, Yellow, Red, Blue & White
Warranty: Up to 12 years

Download Spec Sheet

Ergomat Bubble-Down

NEW! Ergomat Bubble-Down

The ultimate mat for dry environments or where there is an extreme amount of pivoting. An anti-static mat for dry and non-abrasive areas and where static electricity is present. Perfect for assembly and picking lines. Cleanroom ISO Class 5 (Class 100).

Color: Dark Charcoal, Yellow Bevel   Warranty: 4 years

Download Spec Sheet

DuraStripe Glow

DuraStripe Glow Striping is ideal for communicating evacuation routes or exits to workers during a power outage.

  • Available in 10cm width
  • Available background colors are Red, White and Yellow
  • Printing on stripe is Black
  • DuraStripe Glow is available either with a 2.5cm stripe with a custom message or just a plain 0.6cm line
  • No dry time, cure time, fumes or messy clean up to limit productivity
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty

In compliance with these standards: DIN 67510 Class C, ASTM E2072-04, ASTM E2030-07

DuraStripe Glow Luminosity Chart

Warranty Guide Lines

DuraStripe products are covered by a solid 2-year warranty. Situations exempt from warranty include:

  • If DuraStripe product comes up the floor due to floor not being cleaned or cleaned properly.
  • If DuraStripe is pulled up by a pallet being dragged or pulled by a forklift / tow motor.
Clearance (North & South America Only)