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DuraStripe Deep Freeze

DuraStripe Deep Freeze is the most rugged peel-&-stick striping material you can use, ideal for cold/low temperature environments, freezer interiors or other temperature controlled environments.

DuraStripe Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze DuraStripe combines a durable, impact
resistant skin with an aggressive adhesive to deliver a striping material that conquers harsh and cold storage as well as freezing environments.  Its specially designed surface layer is engineered to resist damage caused by pivoting and skidding forklift wheels - two  of the most common causes of aisle marking destruction. Its beveled edge assists dragged pallets in sliding over the stripe to avoid slicing or tearing even in cold environments.

Download the Deep Freeze Spec Sheet
Download DuraStripe Usage & Cleaning Spec Sheet

USDA Certification

DuraStripe Warranty

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