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Installations Procedure

DuraStripe Removal Instructions

In order to remove DuraStripe products, slide a sharp instrument like a putty knife under a corner or an edge of the DuraStripe material and peel it up, making sure to have hold of both the adhesive and the tape surface. It may be helpful to use pliers or vice grips for more leverage. For best results when removing striping, pull back directly against the path of the stripe. In the event that any adhesive residue remains, it can be softened and removed if saturated with a citrus cleaner and scraped when necessary. Please note that if new striping is to be installed where citrus cleaner has been applied, cleaner residue must be completely removed from the flooring surface with water or a mild DuraStripe Cleaner rinse, or else adhesion of the new material will be compromised.

Udsalg (gælder kun Nord- og Sydamerika)